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Provincial Council:
SDB Delegate:
Fr. Francis Preston SDB
FMA Delegate: Sister Mary Treacy FMA
Coordinator: John Hoskins
Secretary: Bernard O’Neill
Treasurer: Bob Kiszczuk
Formation: Mabel Chibesa Kaluba,
Conor Mahon, Mary McGuire

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DB Birthday Happy 200th birthday  
This is a message to Chertsey from our Rector Major with a translation below  

Dearest Friends, the youth, educators, Salesian brothers of Chertsey and anybody within the Salesian family that will see this.
I am very happy to be able to respond to this request that has been made to send my warmest regards for the Bicentenary celebrations of Don Bosco's birth.
It is a very big and significant occasion to make the most of this grace that this bicentenary year brings.
We have welcomed Pope Francis' visit to in our Salesian home of Turin, Valdocco these last three days.
Dearest friends, this is an opportunity to remind you of two very simple things, every Salesian house has meaning and can be justified if they are unconditionally at the service of every young person. If we find the good in them, if we help them to grow in life, if we genuinely help them to find their place in life. To open themselves up to a solid and profoundly human and Christian life. Just as Don Bosco would say, "honourable citizens and good Christian's".
I congratulate you on the beautiful work that you do and I ask that you continue to grow within your Salesian identity. I invite you to make your Salesian Chertsey another Valdocco, just as the Valdocco of Turin and not to neglect bringing the young closer to Jesus, this is our fundamental existence, to help the young to also find God's presence in their lives.
Happy celebrations and I hope you continue to make a beautiful journey.
With my kindest regards, love and prayers with Christ our Lord, Mary Help of Christians, Don Bosco for all of you and your families and our communities. Happy Bicentenary celebrations.


Some time ago, John Hunt developed a series of reflections under the title of ‘One Heart’, as part of his work on our Salesian Spirituality Team. These reflections were all based on the life of St. Mary Mazzarello and were sent out to Salesian Family.

John has now put all of these reflections together to form one programme called ‘Discover’.
Within this programme there are seven themes, or seven different sessions. Each theme provides reading material, scripture and questions for reflection or discussion. This is a wonderful resource for groups who meet to share their Salesian Spirituality together and might be useful for your Cooperators' group.

Download a PDF of this New Programme here

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Bicentenary News

Our Spring 2014 Magazine can be downloaded HERE

Welcome to our new Rector Major, Don Angel Fernandez, previously Provincial of the Argentina South Province.
Dear Don Ángel Fernández Artime
For and on behalf of the Salesian Cooperators of the Great Britain Province, we take this opportunity to warmly congratulate you on becoming the Rector Major of our great Salesian family and 10th successor of our dear founder Don Bosco.
Please be assured of our continuing prayers of thanks and support as you embrace your new role.
Yours in Don Bosco
John Hoskins
( Provincial Coordinator)

And a Fond Farewell to Don Chavez
Dear Don Pascual Chavez,
For and on behalf of the Salesian Cooperators of the Great Britain Province, we take this opportunity to warmly thank you for leading us as the Rector Major of our great Salesian family for the past 12 years. We were truly privileged to have you talk at the UK Salesian Family Retreat (Wyboston Lakes) May 2013
Please be assured of our continuing prayers of thanks as you await your new role.
Yours in Don Bosco
John Hoskins
(Provincial Coordinator)

A farewell letter from Don Chavez
Dear Confreres,
You cannot imagine the deep joy I felt when, on the evening of the 30th of last January, I was able to walk beside Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia, archbishop of Turin and many Salesians, young people from the SYM, as we accompanied Don Bosco’s Casket through the streets of Turin on his return to Valdocco. Young people who had come to the Basilica were waiting for him there and singing “Don Bosco ritorna”. Don Bosco has come back home, having visited his sons wherever they were, anywhere in the world, and it had me thinking of you and now I am writing you this personal letter. Back in Valdocco, Don Bosco wants to reach out to every young person, by preference the most needy of them, through each one of us, called as we are to represent him today.
I am about to leave the ministry as Rector Major that was entrusted to me for the first time on that distant 2nd of April, 2002. On that day the Lord called me to represent Don Bosco for you and the Salesian Family. It was an undeserved grace, I believe, and I confess that it encouraged me to identify myself with our Father more each day, identify with his concern for the Congregation, his passion for the young. I know that however much I thank him in the remaining days of my life I could never repay this debt of God’s love. May he be forever blessed!
My gratitude extends to each and every one of you, my dear confreres. I have felt accepted and very much loved, though I know that all the signs of respect and love I received were the expression of your affection and filial devotion to Don Bosco. Everyone’s understanding and endorsement, the availability and the obedience I encountered in so many of you have been a real support in the exercising of my ministry. May God bless you as I, with all my heart, do!
I do not hide the fact that during these twelve years as Rector Major there has been no lack of pains and sorrows, some more sorrowful because inexplicable or unexpected. However, like Don Bosco in his dream of the pergola of roses, I have walked amidst thorns… However the pain felt and the loneliness experienced helped me to see with greater clarity the good that God, through each one of you, is achieving. I can tell you that today I feel very proud to be a Salesian, not only to have our holy Founder as a Father but also to have you as my confreres.
I am sure that whoever will be elected after me will take care “of you and your salvation”. As Don Bosco did one day, I now urge you: “listen to him, love him, obey him, pray for him as you did for me”. And may Mary Help of Christians, Mother and teacher of Don Bosco and each one of us, guide and accompany you in living out your consecration. Thank you, with all my heart.
Rome, 24 March 2014
Fr Pascual Chávez S., sdb
Rector Major







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